Discover Ren-Hu, a spiritual successor to cult classic “God Hand” and uncover its post-human secret.


Combine unique stat-based attacks in real time with customizable on-the-fly combos.
Immerse yourself in a new-in-games bitstream & synthwave action world by award-winning artists.
Carve your own path in a world where neo-darwinism, ultra-liberalism and individual freedom are at odds with 4 branching endings.


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“In the short list for best Spanish indie game of the year”

– IGN Spain

“One of the Indies of the year. Badass”

– Gamika

“Lethal Game’s first title fills me with pride”

– Nivel Oculto

“A futuristic style paying tribute to the classics”

– Hobby Consolas

“A homage to God hand”

– Meristation


  • Ren Hu is a spiritual successor to “God Hand”, with classic 90s difficulty.
  • Customizable combo system with over 50 attacks and 3 power levels, resulting in hundreds of different approaches to each situation.
  • Status-based combat allows for strategic approaches based on the enemy’s status: break their guard, stun them, or execute an all-powerful “Limit Attack”.
  • A story combining western ideas such as Neo-darwinism, Ultra-liberalism, personal liberty, and eastern mythologies, each represented by a crucial character and 4 endings.
  • Visual style based on Sylvia Ritter’s Bitstream, never before used in games.
  • Soundtrack created by award-winning Synthwave artists Ogre and Ex-Machina.


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